What Clients are Saying

Cat was incredibly helpful and supportive for both my births. My second was a successful VBAC and she really helped me get the birth I wanted. She is a calm and caring presence and just a pleasure to work with. I recommend her to everyone!

Elsie G., Pasadena, CA

We were very privileged to be the 1st ones to use her doula services and we continued to call her for the next 2 deliveries. Catherine was amazing. She met with us before to discuss what she offers and cater to whatever needs we had for the labor and delivery. She applied all the right techniques to get through each of my 3 labor and deliveries. Not only was she there before and during, but stayed with us after the delivery to help with the breastfeeding and even met with us about a month later at our home to follow up. She answered any baby related questions we had and has really made our 1st baby experience a smooth and easy experience. I can share more in person more details of how awesome she has been to us. my comments don't do justice here. ;) We have already referred her to all of our friends who bravely decided to go all natural. My husband and I give Catherine our highest recommendation as your doula.

Gloria Y., Woodland Hills, CA

Catherine Oneal-Petterson was amazing! I don't know how we would have survived our delivery without her. It was great getting to meet with Cat before our birth to prep ourselves and what we wanted. Most of the time I think people wing it and that only adds more stress. This being our first child and really having no idea what to expect, Cat helped us talk things out and make the best decisions for us. When our birth plan didn't go as planned, Cat was a calming knowledgeable presence that helped us work through the next steps. Catherine, thank you for all your help during and after the birth!

Griselda J, Pasadena, CA

Words really can't describe how much I value having had Catherine as a partner in my first birth experience. I can't imagine how my labor and delivery would have gone had she not been a part of it. It was a difficult delivery and Catherine's gentle spirit and invaluable knowledge are what really got me through delivering a 10 pound 03 ounce baby naturally...without pain medication! Not only was she a vital part in the labor and delivery, she really went above and beyond both before and after the birth. I especially appreciated Catherine's up-to-the-minute knowledge about natural techniques and alternatives to traditional methods. As first time parents, my husband and I poured over the wealth of information she provided us via articles, DVDs, and books during my pregnancy. Then after the delivery, she was an amazing support for the many questions and "freak outs" I had, making herself available any time I needed her. Other Doulas did not provide such comprehensive service. I'm SO glad we went with Crowning Joy. Whatever type of birth experience you are looking for, Catherine will enhance that 110%. I came to her on a referral and now I have recommended her to all my girlfriends, whether they are pregnant yet or not! We feel we got more than our money's worth. Catherine will definitely be a part of birthing every child I have.

Sarah Z., Los Angeles

I had such an amazing birth and I think it had a lot to do with being able to stay focused. Catherine played a huge part in helping me to stay calm and relaxed even through the toughest part of my labor. Whether it was encouraging me with her soothing voice, massaging me as I was worked through the contractions or talking to the hospital staff to make sure I was getting the care that I needed, she was there for me. Another thing that I am so grateful for was her care and follow up even after Lukas was born. She was there to answer questions and offer general support and encouragement for a first time mom.

Leanne Anell, Los Angeles

We couldn't have done it without her! Catherine was such an encouragement to both my husband and myself. Her calm nature, encouraging words, pain management techniques and advocacy with hospital staff allowed us to have the birth experience we envisioned and planned for. She is an amazing doula and her knowledge assisted us not only through labor but well into post-partum! We highly recommend her services to anyone considering hiring a doula for their labor!

Amanda Baughman, Pasadena

I am so thankful for Catherine’s help, knowledge, and encouragement. I couldn't have done it without her coaching me right along through such a long and difficult process! I am so grateful for everything she did for me...her research-based information, her kindness, and her support before, during, and after my daughter's birth. Even though I wavered in the beginning about getting a doula, I am so glad I decided to have a doula and that we chose Catherine. That was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Stephanie Davis, Pasadena

Catherine was an integral part of both of my births. I had a difficult first birth experience because my baby was posterior. My husband and I have commented many times that we don't know how we would have managed that experience without her. She knew different techniques to ease my back pain, had suggestions of various positions to try, and throughout the birth, gave us direction on what our options were. She served as the extra support and encouragement that both my husband and I needed, and because we had never been through a labor before, provided insight from her own experiences to help us get through our labor successfully. At no time did we feel like she was imposing - her presence was always welcome.I have just given birth to another baby, and Catherine provided that extra care and guidance again for us as I went through labor a second time. She massaged my legs and rubbed my back as I was going through my transition contractions, and throughout the labor she knew the "right" thing to say to help me stay focused and positive. When I felt like I couldn't manage the pain of pushing, she used her own birth experience with the pushing stage to help build my confidence that I could do it! I would highly recommend Catherine as a doula.

Katie Eilers, Alhambra

Catherine was an essential part of our birth team. Through a very long and difficult labor she never wavered. Whenever I thought I couldn't go on she was right there with a technique or suggestion to help me get through it. We are forever thankful for her support in helping to bring our baby girl into the world.

Karen Placencia and Michael Saragueta, Pasadena

We feel very lucky that Catherine was our doula. We cannot imagine the labor and birth of our son without her experience, skills, and calming nature. We are so thankful she was part of our team.

Missy and Eric, Alhambra

Catherine’s support and skillful labor techniques were invaluable during out time in the hospital. Throughout the pregnancy, we learned so much from the information she provided. We could not have had the birth experience we did without her support. We are forever grateful for her help in bringing our butterfly out of her cocoon and into this world.

The Shearers, Los Angeles

All-in-all, Catherine was amazing. She held my hand through the contractions, encouraged me with words that helped me visualize Sienna coming down the birth canal, massaged my back, and made suggestions as to what positions to change into so Sienna would come. I think I labored with hard labor no more than 6 hours. And through every minute of it, Catherine was there for me through and through. Catherine also gave us a wealth of information regarding things post baby, too. She filled me on sling carriers and educated me on all sorts of programs in our community for babies. We were truly blessed by Catherine’s services.

Danielle, Altadena

We were so very thankful for Catherine’s help during our journey into parent-hood. We knew we wanted a doula for Celia's birth. We interviewed several before making our choice because we wanted to be sure our really positive first impression of Catherine would hold up against others.We had no idea how much she would help calm fears during pregnancy with just the knowledge that she’d be there on The Big Day, with the resources she provided, and as someone to email if any little questions came up throughout. She was, by far, the best investment I've ever made in myself and my family. I cannot imagine what childbirth would be without a doula. I can still hear her encouraging words ringing in my ears (though they may not be exact): "you are so strong", "you are doing beautifully", "stay with the contraction", "push though the pain". I can still feel the massage & smell the lavender.

Jenifer, Glendale

Catherine was absolutely wonderful as our doula. I am SO happy that we had her with us. Catherine was there for me in many ways. Before the epidural, she applied a variety of techniques that really eased the pain. After the epidural, she still gave me back rubs and foot rubs to help distract me and keep me comfortable. She was able to stay by my side while my husband went to get food, etc. She was also able to help me make some tough choices during the labor. I ended up needing quite some interventions, and because she was there, she could help explain to me what the doctors were talking about and why. She is a wealth of information. Because of her, I felt really good about all the decisions I had to make during labor, which really means a lot to me. But Catherine's role as a doula isn't just about the labor/delivery. She has been so supportive both before and now after the birth of my daughter. It is so nice to have someone I can call with questions about breast feeding, pediatricians, etc. I love having someone who can check in on me and who I can rely on during this time. I would highly recommend her as a doula. I plan to hire again for my next birth. She is just wonderful.

Kari, Los Angeles